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Woman of the Week: Terra Naomi The first time I heard Terra Naomi’s stunning soprano voice, I felt like I’d been transported back to a time in history where the biggest stars of the show were the songs themselves. The audience’s noisy chatter quieted at once as she took the stage. It was immediately obvious that she was a masterful singer, and her songs – raw, intimate, and intense - had that magical way of revealing her personal journey, while also speaking to a much larger universal understanding of what it means to be human.   As a music lover and a beginner singer and songwriter myself,... Read More >>
Marci Alboher The first time I met Marci Alboher she was speaking on a panel about encore careers – combining purpose, passion and a paycheck in your second or third act. While forgoing a retirement of leisure may at first sound a bit unsettling, in the standing-room-only space packed predominately with baby boomers, I quickly learned this generation is ready to once again challenge the status quo. Marci optimistically dismissed the paradoxical saturated media garble that the over fifty set is either a couple years shy of nightly bingo competitions on the grounds of a Palm Springs community home, or... Read More >>
Kate Wolfgang Savage I met Kate Wolfgang Savage on a camping trip and it took all of about five minutes of being in her presence before I developed a massive girl crush. It’s not the kind of girl crush I’m sure my husband would like to fantasize about, but rather the unavoidable effect a woman shattering the status quo in favor of exploring what it actually means to live an inspired life has on me. I soon learned that she, her two sisters and two brothers were raised in New Hampshire and homeschooled by hippie parents. So when Kate told... Read More >>
MeiMei Fox I knew MeiMei Fox long before she knew me. I came across an article she wrote for The Huffington Post and was immediately smitten. With fierce vulnerability she gracefully navigated the ups and downs of her human experience out loud. As I delved deeper into past writings, I found that she didn’t shy away from messy topics like divorce, freezing her eggs, and struggling to make sense her father’s arrest. When I happened upon the blissful joy she’s discovered in meeting and marrying, Kiran - after years of heartache - it was impossible not to... Read More >>
Chelsea Roff It’s been said that love conquers all. Listening to Chelsea Roff share the harrowing battle she waged on her own body, which ultimately had her staring death in the face, one thing is eminently clear: only a force as strong as love could be responsible for the transformation of the vivacious woman sitting across from me. I study her hazel eyes intently as she speaks candidly about her anxious childhood as a daughter of two mothers, who eventually divorced.  She ended up living with her biological mom – who suffered from anorexia and extreme alcoholism – and younger sister. Chelsea traces her... Read More >>
Michelle Welsch You play it over and over in your mind long after it’s over. You want to savor it because it challenges how you think about yourself in the world in a way you hadn’t before thought possible. You may wonder if the moon is full, perhaps your pheromones might be kickin’ up, or if it’s simply serendipity to attract something that affirms your belief in the magic of life. One thing is clear: like a thunderstorm on a hot dry day, these rarities arrive unannounced and leave you feeling renewed. With the onset of social media we’re obviously more connected than ever... Read More >>
Chelsea Crowell! Although a pivotal election is just around the corner, tens of thousands of women won’t vote this year. While much of this has to do with sincere apathy for our tired red vs. blue system polarizing the country, others physically can’t vote because life circumstances are simply too compromising. Meanwhile as the ignorant chatter amongst individuals not anatomically equipped to comment on matters pertaining to women increased, and the tiny representation of women standing up for the female half of the population was banned from the Senate Floor, Chelsea Crowell decided it was time to do something. A talented writer and... Read More >>
Melinda Moore! When the French writer, Victor Hugo famously wrote, “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” chances are his revelation had little to do with the planet’s well being. Indeed earth's health has been a much debated issue. But, with the first six months of 2012 recorded as the hottest in US history, while toxic levels of radiation and mercury have infiltrated our ecosystems, and a mass of plastic debris the size of Texas has been identified in the Pacific Ocean, more and more people are recognizing the impact of our carbon footprint. Melinda Moore – start-up veteran,... Read More >>
Grace Lazenby It’s rumored that Grace Lazenby has magical powers. No she doesn’t read minds or levitate, but she does have the uncanny ability to: make you look like a model, feel like you’re part of a professional dancing troupe, and transcend the mind-numbing monotony of another workout. I’ve done it, it’s true! (Well, maybe, not the model bit- I’m still 5’4”). A true entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of physical wellness and beauty, Grace has been combining yoga poses with pliés , and pilates with sultry burlesque moves before Cardio had a “Barre”, and the Bar had a “Method”. With her sweet... Read More >>
Sarah Burke! When I learned of the passing of Sarah Burke - four-time Winter X-Games gold medalist, and the World Champion titleholder in the half pipe event - I couldn’t believe it, I didn't want to believe it. Sure there is always that risk when your career and greatest passion is pushing yourself to extreme new heights, flying off cornices, and flipping off the lip of a superpipe, but I’d just been with Sarah, and she was so vibrant -so alive. She and her childhood (our mutual) friend, Tory were visiting Los Angeles and it was one of those spring days where drinkingRead More >>
Brooke Peterson Sitting down for dinner at a table for twenty, the words, “There’s something magical that happens when one woman empowers another woman,” caught my ear.  I twisted around to find that the source of such wisdom was a young woman that looked like she just stepped off the set of a photo shoot. I soon discovered that this wise, young beauty was none other than Brooke Peterson: fun-loving lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, DIY maven, chef, branding mastermind, mother and -I quickly learned- innate comedienne. She was mid-way through the story about how she came to connect with Pamela Pimento, the creative... Read More >>
Kyla Mitsunaga! Kyla Mitsunaga sat crossed legged on her navy blue bed spread as she methodically brushed her very thick, very straight, nearly waist length jet-black hair. I sat directly across from her on my striped comforter, flipping restlessly through my big book of CD’s. Going about our separate business, both of us were acutely aware of the invisible line, carefully drawn down the center of the room. The line that would determine the only personal space we could claim as our own for the next nine months of our lives. Kyla had just arrived on the grounds of CATE, our... Read More >>