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When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move Today is a big day! If you've been following along for awhile, you know I love sharing the work of women that inspire me. KC Baker’s work has radically inspired & affected my life, my message, and my work in the world. If you have a secret longing to be known for your deepest, most authentic message, and to have your message spread in the world, this post is for you!  Do you know deep down you have something important to say, but feel some confusion about what your message actually is, but know that if you could just nail it – and then feel... Read More >>
To Hold On or Let Go? That is the Question. Choosing to be on a conscious path of growth means two things for certain. First, life will always be an exciting adventure. Second, things are going to change on a more accelerated level. If things are bound to change, the question becomes, how do we decide when to hold on, and when to let go?   While the term “letting go” sounds easy, like a ship gliding gently away from the dock, the reality, often times, is more like jumping out of an airplane at 30,000 ft unsure if the chute is packed properly.   Letting go of anything—friends, lovers, jobs, emotions, illusions, beliefs—... Read More >>
Inspiration comes from... ____?                     Inspiration is Energy   Energy is Spirit   Spirit is Life   Life is Breath   Breath is Being   Being is Being the Beginner   Being the Beginner is Permission   Permission is Trust   Trust is Knowing   Knowing is Belief   Belief is Peace   Peace is Presence   Presence is Connection to Spirit   Connection to Spirit is Inspiration         *Featured image by Mark Shaw Read More >>
Demystifying JOY I know how it goes. We all want to reach the finish line - make it to the top,  publish the book, hear our song on the radio, sell the company.   We build this up in our minds as the moment when everything is going to be “right” in our world. It’s when we prove to everyone (especially ourselves) that we are enough, dammit!    This hustle to chase that carrot on the string has created a very industrious (if unfulfilled) culture, and while there's certainly great satisfaction (and ideally financial reward) that comes from completion, I’ve found the real joy is... Read More >>
If Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, Why Isn't it Free? Happiness is an interesting paradox. You can’t buy it, but it isn’t free.   So what’s the deal?   I've found that happiness hinges on a work-trade agreement. If we do the work, we receive the #1 generator to power a happy, fulfilling life. It’s like pulling the ecstasy card in a tarot reading (as I recently found out)- you get it all!   For all that are willing to do it, the reward for this work-trade agreement is Self-Love. The concept of self-love gets tossed around casually, but when we cultivate genuine self-love astounding things begin to happen!   1. We gain the courage to live free... Read More >>
Ordinary Magic "Expand Your Vision of Self" Retreat! [caption id="attachment_3847" align="alignright" width="300"]photo (56) Ocean of Appreciation Ceremony[/caption] Modern life is indeed a very fast paced and complex existence. Between creating careers that support the lifestyles we women desire and the fulfillment we crave, staying fit, and balancing family, all the while cultivating meaningful present-time friendships, manifesting a loving partnership, and getting a handle on what it means to be a woman on the planet - it’s easy to lose sight of the very Ordinary Magic that’s abundant on our beautiful planet and living within us. A week ago, I led an intimate... Read More >>
Is Consciousness a Destination? When my journey of self-discovery began, I sort of assumed that one day I would arrive at a state of consciousness, and then I would be a peaceful, happy person. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. What I’ve discovered from nearly 7 years of very focused spiritual work is that consciousness is not a destination; it’s the result of living each day with consistent intention. Consistent intention, simply put, allows us to know the best version of ourselves. It allows us to heal and cultivate inner kindness that translates at outer kindness, and when the waters get choppy, we... Read More >>
Do Leopards Change Their Spots? Uh, no. Leopards don't change their spots but people can and do change. What your story is today does not need to be your story tomorrow. From my own spiritual evolution and assisting others with their personal transformations, I’ve had the opportunity to observe what differentiates people who successfully transform their lives from those who stay stuck.   The following three steps are essential for dynamic growth and personal change.   1.  THE SINCERE DESIRE Every human has four endowments- self-awareness, conscience, independent free will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.  –Stephen R. Covey You must get honest... Read More >>
Inspiration’s Chief Nemesis: The Glorification of Busy To point out busy is the new normal is nothing new. Everyone from my retired 70 year old dad to my 2 year old nephew seems to have schedules packed (golf and play albeit for the aforementioned) to the gills. And while being busy does offer a certain level of satisfaction, this contiguous planning and execution of life, ices us out of the very thing that delivers genuine, heart thumping, meaning fulfillment: inspiration. I always wanted to be a Type A, early rising, list carrying, immaculate car kind of person, but the only lists I ever wrote ended up crumbled in the bottom... Read More >>
The Power of Perspective My perspective was forever changed the day I came home to discover an eight week old puppy yelping excitedly in the backyard. “Surprise,” Jamison said in his slight southern drawl. I wasn’t exactly what one would call a dog person… but there was something about the way this pup wiggled his rubbery black nose and looked up at me with a pair of eyes so sweet I’m convinced they could stop wars, that made me want to be his mama. IMG_3300   Disco (he came to me in my dream and asked that we call... Read More >>
Is it Time to Get the Gunk Out? Over the past six and a half years my journey into greater consciousness has taken many twists and turns, ups and downs, and flipped everything I once thought I knew on it’s head; one thing, however remains – I want more of this wild adventure. I want to continue to grow in every direction and align more deeply with my spiritual, physical, and artistic capabilities. Becoming more conscious has had a dramatically positive effect on my life in every way. What started with a desire to heal myself from a broken heart has unfolded in  ways I never could’ve imagined. As I... Read More >>
The 28 Ways I Want to Feel For most of my life, I concentrated on what I wanted to achieve, conquer, or attain. To my surprise, and subsequent chagrin, I wasn’t as happy or satisfied as I imagined I’d be when I was successful in achieving, conquering and attaining where I’d set my focus. As I sought information about the world and myself  (clearly what I thought I knew wasn’t true) I recognized we’re driven to achieve, conquer and attain because we assume it will make us feel OK in some way. While all of the diverse displays of human behavior stem from our desires to be accepted, important, worthwhile,... Read More >>