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A Summertime Love Affair I'm thrilled to announce that I've just launched my new site that promotes the power, magic and FREEDOM that unfolds in our lives when we give ourselves permission to simply Be The BEginner! (Moving forward, look out for posts and updates from Be The BEginner :))   It makes sense that my final Tales of Ordinary Magic post is an invitation to join me at a Global Event dedicated to generating self-love. When I finally learned how to cultivate love for myself is when Ordinary Magic became a mainstay in my life. Please join me from June 23 - June 25 for an... Read More >>
The Abundant Goddess Hello My Lovelies! One of the most exciting things I've experienced on my journey this far is observing the monumental shifts inside me as I've cultivate real belief in myself. Like a seesaw, as my belief in myself has gone up, I've watched my fear and self-doubt, and competition with other women go down. I now understand how powerful women are when we're on the same side, and how valuable it is to share what we've uncovered with each other. I feel a tremendous opportunity to share the insights I've gained with other women who want to transcend their fears and crippling... Read More >>
PART II: What 4-inch Heels Will Do to a Woman's Belief Last week I wrote a post about recognizing when things shift out of alignment and the power of letting go.  I even went so far as to say that letting go is a skill that gets easier the more you do it. So, you can imagine my amusement when the physical plane served me up a curve ball that challenged my belief...in 4 inch heels no less. It all went down when I went to see my girl, Terra Naomi perform at The Hotel Cafe. The Hotel Café is a tiny music venue filled with serious music people sitting... Read More >>
What do Cookies, Oxygen Masks and Bubble Baths Have to do with Creating Abundance? Giving is an immense spiritual power.  How giving, or non-giving we are, is the foundation for the levels of abundance we manifest in our lives.   If you asked me if I considered myself to be a giving person when I began my spirit nature journey seven years ago, I would’ve said, “Well, yeeeeah!” I gave compliments, presents and on occasion, my time to those in need.   But I soon found out that I didn’t really understand the fundamentals of giving at all. Giving is a far more expansive notion than the way I understood it.   The universe isn’t a static backdrop; it’s a... Read More >>
Your Holiday Survival Guide: Family Edition It’s that time of year again… holiday parties, carolers, unnerving photos of kids crying on the knees of Mall Santa everywhere… oh, and of course, family. For some, spending time with family is a rejuvenating oasis from the hot sandy deserts of life. For others, it’s like strolling through the streets of Kabul. As much as I know we all want the oasis, my family tends to lean slightly more towards Kabul. In recent years, however, I’ve realized that the biggest factor in determining my holiday family experience is… myself. Yep, it turns out a little bit of consciousness goes a long way... Read More >>
The Beginner Dinner If you’ve been following along for a while you know that up until a few years ago, I truly did not believe myself to have one creative bone in my body. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada…   I’d held the vague assumption that creativity was genetic and that gene had unceremoniously passed me by. So I embraced my sporty, social self, got a corporate job and presumed happiness would find me. I wanted to feel alive, inspired and satisfied, and had seen enough of the world to know I had NO reason to complain, yet I still wrestled with deep lacking and restless void... Read More >>
LIFE: INSPIRED. Do you wake up inspired and enthused to create? Or do you find yourself fighting through fears, frustrations and exhaustive apathy?   After 31 years dodging a pervasive apathy for creative expression by filling my calendar to the brim with work, parties and vacations, I discovered a creative passion inside me I never knew existed, and frankly- it saved my life. I've yet to find anything as satisfying as being inspired; it's what gives my life meaning for me. It's a feeling that wants to shout, "This is who I am and why I'm here! I have a reason to be alive!" As... Read More >>
Spiritual Secret 47,631: Be Comfortable With The Uncomfortable "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." - Helen Keller   Unless you are cocooned snuggly inside your comfort zone and take no chances or risks whatsoever, life is going to have turbulence. In fact the more we have the courage to face the darkness inside ourselves, and strip away the layers of illusion we insulate inside to feel safe, the more our external lives are going to shift to mirror our internal growth. Change can be really... Read More >>
Life's Greatest Revelation Last night in my dream I met a man with an accent who shared with me his life’s greatest revelation. He said, “What often appears to be the lightest, brightest, most brilliant thing is actually dark on the inside.” Since we were on the astral plane his words instantly formed into images before my eyes. When he said “lightest,” a grandiose golden castle appeared in front of me; as he said “brightest,” a bigger, more luminous castle emerged next to it; his word “brilliant” induced an even larger, more dazzling castle just beside the other two with weeping willow like white-golden light... Read More >>
Your Disaster Relief Plan If you’re above the age of… say of six, then chances are you are well versed in life’s ability to throw a swift curve ball at the worst possible moment. Perhaps you’ve discovered what I have: at times those curve balls oddly resemble cruise missiles. When something blows up in your life and compromises your work, your love, and your beautiful plans, it’s common to want to immediately go into disaster control. And while what I'm about to share may feel counter-intuitive, in many cases, it's the best thing you can do. Nothing. Doing nothing allows you time to process whatever emotions are coming... Read More >>
Do You Land On Your Feet?

"If you had just a minute to breathe and they granted you one final wish Would you ask for something like another chance?" -Traffic

Life is a journey with many twists and turns, switchbacks and cliffs. And even though we can intellectualize that there will be ups and downs, why is the idea of falling or failing (as some people see it) so terrifying? Because of competition we internalize being “right,” doing things “right” as the basis of our self worth, and the very reason why anyone else would want to be with us. But to be perfectly right and do everything perfectly... Read More >>
6 Clues it’s Time to Let Go of Your Relationship When you are deeply intertwined in a romantic relationship the lines between the couple you once were and the couple you dreamt of being, blur into the present, making it difficult to see the realities of your health as a couple. I know this because I spent years in a relationship that had run it’s course, reminiscing about the loved-up beginning and fooling myself with visions of grandeur for our future, when the only thing I was really doing was wasting my time not being happy. You may rationalize that you'll get back to where you were; after all, you've invested so... Read More >>