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For many years I struggled with happiness. From the outside looking in, it looked like I led an enviable life: I was #1 in my company at a coveted sales job, lived in a home on the beach with my Internet pioneer boyfriend and had a closet full of designer clothes I wore to an endless stream of parties, events and vacations.

On paper, it looked good. Real good. But the reality was it never felt like it was enough. So in my quest for more, I did more of what I knew: I worked more, I partied more, I shopped more…

Years rolled on and I allowed myself to get caught up in life’s external validations, brushing off my body’s recurrent illnesses as “physical”, and doing my best to silence the cries and pleas of my inner wisdom that I needed to forge a new path.

When my long-term relationship unraveled and I lost almost everything I valued, I felt alone and hopeless; unbeknownst to me – my inner guide was redirecting to down a new path that would finally deliver answers to the questions I longed to know: Who am I? What’s it all for? And what is the key to unlocking sincere happiness and fulfillment?

It was then (seven years ago) when I connected with James Stellar, Founder of The Spirit Nature Center for Consciousness.  Through Spirit Nature’s truly revolutionary program, I discovered that I’d been following an invisible script about how I was supposed to live, be and create and in doing so, I was squandering my chance at happiness. I realized that it never felt like it was enough, because I didn’t feel like I was enough.

After 32 years of believing I had not one creative bone in my body, I exploded with creative passion and started to write, play guitar, sing, and write songs; I also built an art studio and in my home and began to paint. I discovered the creative life is a most adventurous existence that’s intrinsically linked to who we are as spiritual beings! And until we learn how to access and unleash our unique creative genius, perceived happiness will always remain just one promotion, paycheck, boyfriend, engagement ring, or vacation away.

As I gained more spiritual information and let go of my false beliefs, seemingly magical occurrences – I now know is a very natural state of being for all of us if we have the tools and information – became an ordinary state of being.

The road to consciousness never ends, and while I’ll always remain a student and Beginner of life, I feel a tremendous opportunity to share what I’ve uncovered and what I’m learning with others who also want to align with their inspired side.

I also regularly contribute to:

The Daily Love
The Chopra family’s online magazine, Intent