Come in! Come in!


Come in!

And make yourself at home.

Let’s connect and inspire,

Listen for truth, and heart thumping desire.

I’m a dreamer, a doer, a dancer, a friend.

I stretch for the moon and rest with the tides;

I search for meaning –

Where meaning rises, where meaning hides.

I’m a seeker of wisdom,

Embracing the light

An eater, a reader,

A beginner of life,

I’ve leaped high and laid low,

I’ve gone against the status quo;

I’ve kissed the corners of the earth,

Igniting a female, fun rebirth.

I sing, I paint, I laugh, I live

I love, I grace, I trust, I give.

So, come in!

You’re already here, so come in

We have much to share!

Tales of melody and memory,

Vegan cookies and chance;

Of dogs named Disco,

And our place at this dance;

The beautiful, the unusual,

The miracle, the spiritual;

The power of stillness cutting through static…

And all things that flow through my life,

I call Ordinary Magic.