A Summertime Love Affair

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve just launched my new site that promotes the power, magic and FREEDOM that unfolds in our lives when we give ourselves permission to simply Be The BEginner!

(Moving forward, look out for posts and updates from Be The BEginner :))


It makes sense that my final Tales of Ordinary Magic post is an invitation to join me at a Global Event dedicated to generating self-love. When I finally learned how to cultivate love for myself is when Ordinary Magic became a mainstay in my life.

Please join me from June 23 – June 25 for an incredible FREE 3-day Virtual Global Event called “Have a Summertime Love Affair: Fall in Love with YOU” hosted by my good friend and love expert, Mary Bicknell. I share how giving myself permission to simply BE the BEginner was the surprising thing that led me to loving myself. (Attend from your home via phone or web.)

Mary has brought together a wealth of knowledge from some incredible coaches, therapists and experts who have helped thousands of women improve, repair and create long term, deliciously wonderful love relationships with themselves.

I will reveal how I evolved from a girl who tirelessly ran around the planet looking for love, validation and happiness in all the wrong places- to a woman who now effortlessly attracts love and amazing opportunities wherever I go.

This is your invitation fall in love and deepen your connection with yourself!

Sign up for this FREE event here 

We will teach you: 

  • · How to release self-doubt
  • · How to be happy with your own beautiful, amazing self
  • · How to understand the different ways to communicate your needs
  • · How to get clear on what you want in your own life
  • · How to overcome fear, be the person you want to be and feel confident you have the power to create the life you desire

You deserve a life that you LOVE and it starts with loving YOURSELF.

The calls are only about 35-45 minutes long and when you get off the phone you will have tips and techniques you can implement immediately!

I hope that you’ll join me, and the 14 other experts as we share what it takes to generate the most elusive love of all- self-love.



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