When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

Today is a big day!

If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know I love sharing the work of women that inspire me. KC Baker’s work has radically inspired & affected my life, my message, and my work in the world.

If you have a secret longing to be known for your deepest, most authentic message, and to have your message spread in the world, this post is for you! 

Do you know deep down you have something important to say, but feel some confusion about what your message actually is, but know that if you could just nail it – and then feel totally free to get out there and share it with the world – that your message, your work, & your following would catch on like wild?

When I started my blog two years ago, I summoned all of my courage to share the recognitions I’ve made, hard truths I’ve earned that have helped me grow into a much happier, creative, and passionate woman- in hopes of helping other women.

In time I was invited to participate in virtual events, telesummits and speaking events, which I knew was the next step to sharing what I’d learned on a larger scale, but I was a little confused about what to focus on and frankly terrified. Let’s just say there was a time when snorkeling around the Farrollon islands with hamburger patties taped to my ribcage seemed more appealing than speaking my truth in a public forum.

But, because of KC’s program, The Thought Leadership Society, I feel more clear and unleashed than ever before.

I’m excited to announce that she has opened the shopping cart for her program The Women’s Thought Leadership Society.

I guarantee there’s no women’s thought leadership training like this on the planet. She really knows her stuff, and her practices WORK. Yes, they are completely unorthodox. And they are also highly effective and they make getting clear on your message & finding the freedom to share it FUN!

Women who do her work have major doors open for them. They become known for their ideas. Their tribes grow. Opportunities like TEDx, Bioneers, Wisdom 2.0 and other major industry speaking events come their way. Their businesses grow. Their missions take off. And most of all, the resistance disappears. They feel totally free to get out there and rock it, and that’s exactly what can happen for you.

I want that for you because I truly believe that women are going to change the world by empowering each other with the wisdom we’ve uncovered from our own unique journeys.

If you are really ready to get your message out into the world in a big way and see your mission and your work to take off, come see what she’s offering. It’s so gorgeous; it’ll knock your socks off:


I am so passionate about you doing this work and seeing your wisdom & message fly. Don’t wait. The world needs you and your brilliant message. For real.
Reserve your spot now right here. 





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