The Abundant Goddess

Hello My Lovelies!

One of the most exciting things I’ve experienced on my journey this far is observing the monumental shifts inside me as I’ve cultivate real belief in myself. Like a seesaw, as my belief in myself has gone up, I’ve watched my fear and self-doubt, and competition with other women go down. I now understand how powerful women are when we’re on the same side, and how valuable it is to share what we’ve uncovered with each other.

I feel a tremendous opportunity to share the insights I’ve gained with other women who want to transcend their fears and crippling self-doubt and come alive with inspiration to create truly the meaningful and abundant lives we deeply crave.


In the spirit of sharing, I’m honored to be amongst the 18 other wisdom-rich women in the upcoming Abundant Goddess Telesummit April 1st to the 14th. On the final day, April 14th at 2pm, I will share the most valuable truths and secrets I’ve gained that have helped me evolve from a fearful, people-pleaser living an unsatisfied life, to a courageous, passionate, woman who isn’t afraid to speak her truth and follow her dreams.

I hope that you’ll join me, and the 18 other experts as we share what it takes to create the life full of love, inspiration, abundance and prosperity!

See you there!

Light and love,



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