To Hold On or Let Go? That is the Question.

Choosing to be on a conscious path of growth means two things for certain. First, life will always be an exciting adventure. Second, things are going to change on a more accelerated level. If things are bound to change, the question becomes, how do we decide when to hold on, and when to let go?


While the term “letting go” sounds easy, like a ship gliding gently away from the dock, the reality, often times, is more like jumping out of an airplane at 30,000 ft unsure if the chute is packed properly.


Letting go of anything—friends, lovers, jobs, emotions, illusions, beliefs— takes great courage because we don’t know what the future has in store. For many of us, this fear of the unknown is so great we come up with all sorts of rationalizations to continue holding on to the sure thing.


But here’s the deal: holding on when something shifts out of alignment is even harder. It’s like trying to hold onto a slippery eel while balancing on one leg in a canoe; it’s metal grinding on metal, it’s riding a bike with no seat (and probably no pants). I could go on…


3 signs that someone or something has shifted out of alignment with you:


1. You’re exhausted. Every last drop of energy and creative force feels sucked from your being. 

2. You find yourself battling recurrent illnesses.

3. Your constant reminiscing about the past, and focusing to the future is hijacking you from the present moment.



At first I fearfully held on to what I had, and what I thought I knew, like a tenacious barnacle; I practically had to surgically remove myself from pastime people and relationships. And in the beginning those transitions we not as grace filled as they could’ve been had I understood the gifts that were waiting for me on the other side.


But in time, I saw that letting go showed me the gauge of my courage, the depth of my compassion, and the capacity I have to expand.


As I continued to shift and grow, the more frequently I had to pack my chute and jump. And after jump, after jump, after jump, an unusual thing happened. I started to TRUST myself.


I started to trust the process of letting go. I started to trust that rewards would always be on the other side because, the very the nature of letting go makes space for new connections and opportunities of a more present time alignment to flood into our lives.  (Click to tweet)


What is your experience with letting go?





*And just when I thought I had letting go DIALED, I created an amusing situation that really tested my belief. Stay tuned for Part II, “What Four Inch Heels Can Do to Your Belief.”

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