What do Cookies, Oxygen Masks and Bubble Baths Have to do with Creating Abundance?

Giving is an immense spiritual power.  How giving, or non-giving we are, is the foundation for the levels of abundance we manifest in our lives.


If you asked me if I considered myself to be a giving person when I began my spirit nature journey seven years ago, I would’ve said, “Well, yeeeeah!” I gave compliments, presents and on occasion, my time to those in need.


But I soon found out that I didn’t really understand the fundamentals of giving at all. Giving is a far more expansive notion than the way I understood it.


The universe isn’t a static backdrop; it’s a living, breathing, expanding entity that boomerangs back to us the very things we put out. Simply put, we get what we give. So if you’re wondering why you feel like you give a lot, but still don’t feel totally abundant, i’ll share with you some fine print I’ve uncovered…


Imagine for a moment that you’re little kid, and your teacher gives you a plate of cookies. She tells you to pass a cookie out to each student in the class, and then take one for yourself. After passing out the last of the fresh baked, chocolate chip cookies, you look down and there is only one, small crumb left.


How do you feel?


Annoyed? Resentful? Hungry? Lacking?


Now imagine a different scenario.


Your teacher tells you to save a cookie for yourself and pass the rest of the cookies out to the classroom. When you get to the last student only crumbs are left.


How do you feel?


Maybe like you want to break your cookie in half and share it with your classmate?


The reality is it’s very difficult for us to be of any real service to the world or ourselves if we don’t give to ourselves first. Just as a flight attendant instructs the adults on the plane to secure their masks first before putting them on their children, otherwise everyone will die, the same goes for life.  


When we gift ourselves first, we feel abundant, and giving becomes a natural desire of the human experience. Conversely when we give and give without nurturing ourselves we become exhausted and resentful, which kills the spirit.


Gifting ourselves comes in all sorts of forms. We can gift ourselves with material goods like silky sheets and nurturing bubble baths; we can also gift ourselves with kind thoughts, creative permission, different perspectives, humor, and so on. Really anything that produces a feeling of gratitude inside our hearts.


Before I embarked on a more conscious path, I did give, but I often attached unconscious agendas to my gifts. Attaching an agenda means wanting a desired response like appreciation, recognition, a reward, etc. in exchange for my gift.


To give from a place of wanting something in return, rather than a place of authentically giving just because we feel like it, means we are giving from a place of lack.  Wanting = needing = lacking.


One of the greatest gifts I’ve been given is the insight that destination will feel how the journey to get there feels. If we give from need and lack, the result will be needy and lacking. If we give from abundance and joy, the result will be abundant and joyful!






















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