Your Holiday Survival Guide: Family Edition

It’s that time of year again… holiday parties, carolers, unnerving photos of kids crying on the knees of Mall Santa everywhere… oh, and of course, family.

For some, spending time with family is a rejuvenating oasis from the hot sandy deserts of life. For others, it’s like strolling through the streets of Kabul. As much as I know we all want the oasis, my family tends to lean slightly more towards Kabul. In recent years, however, I’ve realized that the biggest factor in determining my holiday family experience is… myself.

Yep, it turns out a little bit of consciousness goes a long way when it comes to the holidays.


I’ve found these 3 ways help me keep the peace, have fun and maintain my sanity!


1. Be the Gift

It’s easy for resentments to build up with all the responsibilities and costs associated with the holidays, let alone past time stuff that’s accumulated over the course of a lifetime together. Being The Gift means understanding everything in your life you do for you. You remain totally present in the moment and completely unconcerned about keeping score. As the The Gift you are vibrating in gratitude for the present moment, which lights you up in side, truly making your presence, not presents, the real gift.


2. Use Perspective

Sometimes I feel like over the holidays my amusement buys a one way ticket Tijuana and hangs out drunk under a table with no mention of its’ return. Until…. I use the power of perspective. I remind myself that many people don’t even have families that want them, let alone families that feed them, give them presents, and want to know every, little, single, itsy-bitsy last detail of my life! This usually ignites my gratitude and calls my amusement back across the border.


3.  Be the Observer

The more you can detach and just observe yourself, your family, and every interaction, the easier it will be to respond rather than react. Family has a way of knowing just which buttons to push. As the observer we aren’t invested in being right, which ultimately leads to a far more pleasant experience!


What do you do to keep things peaceful and fun with family over the holidays?










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