The Beginner Dinner

If you’ve been following along for a while you know that up until a few years ago, I truly did not believe myself to have one creative bone in my body. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada…


I’d held the vague assumption that creativity was genetic and that gene had unceremoniously passed me by. So I embraced my sporty, social self, got a corporate job and presumed happiness would find me. I wanted to feel alive, inspired and satisfied, and had seen enough of the world to know I had NO reason to complain, yet I still wrestled with deep lacking and restless void that rumbled inside me.


Here’s what I didn’t know: Creative passion is a HUGE DEAL. It’s bigger than a huge deal. It’s COLOSSAL.


Simply put, creative passion is the single biggest generator for inspiration, enthusiasm and joy that we each have at our disposal. And since we attract people, opportunities, and circumstances into our lives based on where we are vibrating, this is one of the most powerful things we can do to shape the conditions of our existence!


Without expressing our creativity, an imbalance develops in our hearts making us dependent on relationships, food, events, alcohol, work, and other external things to feel good and come alive. My corrupted mind told me I needed more stuff, a better job, a better man, but I never once suspected that creative passion was the missing piece of the puzzle.


I was blind to the reality that creativity is actually a flow of energy -the very lifeblood of the human experience – that’s intrinsic to who we are as spiritual beings.


Yep, you read that right; we are all – YOU INCLUDED – creative spirits.


For many of us, as we grow older and enter school, we learn there are “right” answers. And of course we want to be good girls and boys so our parents and teachers will love and reward us. What is even more damaging, we want to be accepted by the other kids, so we conform to what is “normal.”


Through my work with Spirit Nature, I was gifted with the simple, yet revolutionary revelation that my unconscious desire to be perfect was stunting my innate creativity and masquerading through my life as a pervasive apathy. I learned that I don’t need to be “the best” to participate, I just need to be The Beginner. The beginner can never fail because the beginner isn’t supposed to know a damn thing!



noun \bi-ˈgi-nər, bē-\

: a person who is beginning something or doing something for the first time;  a person who isn’t supposed to know a damn thing so s/he can’t fail;  a person who gives him/herself great permission;  a person whose life is extraordinary expression of Ordinary Magic.  



As I gave myself permission to be the true beginner, it was as if a dam burst open inside my heart and I began to write, paint, sing and play guitar. I discovered a most adventurous and fulfilling existence I’d never known existed. I began to feel more capable, confident and content. I found reserves of energy and discipline I never knew existed. I felt joy.


Inspired to create an environment where I could share my Beginner Joy with others, I hosted the first Beginner dinner at my home last week.


photo (34)Insulated inside a cozy, supportive, Beginner vibe, eight of us gathered together for a Mexican feast, before individually sharing something that required each of us to be The Beginner.


While the poems, songs and stories were unique and varied, one thing was constant- each one of us ventured outside of our comfort zone and expanded our vision beyond who we believed ourselves to be just moments before. I decided to play my most musically complex, finger picking song I wrote, and amid all the fun and excitement, I got flustered and totally messed up. I had to rearrange and improvise lyrics and much to my surprise, I pulled it off… err, well, at least I survived.


And the thing I realized was that it really didn’t matter. Of course I would’ve loved to play it perfectly, but things go down in the way that will best serve our growth. Once again I was reminded that “perfection” and “failure” are merely illusions that stunt our creative passion.


The only FAILURE I see is living my life inside a prison of PERFECTION, too fearful to explore all aspects of whom I am and what I’m capable of learning about myself.


As The Beginner, I get to feel the pulse of this creative flow pump through me as I continue to expand my vision of self, and create a life abundant with Ordinary Magic.


If you live in LA and would like to attend an upcoming Ordinary Magic Beginner Dinner, or if you’d like to host an Ordinary Magic Beginner Dinner in your local area, please send me a message at and I’ll get you in the loop!




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