If Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, Why Isn't it Free?

Happiness is an interesting paradox. You can’t buy it, but it isn’t free.


So what’s the deal?


I’ve found that happiness hinges on a work-trade agreement. If we do the work, we receive the #1 generator to power a happy, fulfilling life. It’s like pulling the ecstasy card in a tarot reading (as I recently found out)- you get it all!


For all that are willing to do it, the reward for this work-trade agreement is Self-Love. The concept of self-love gets tossed around casually, but when we cultivate genuine self-love astounding things begin to happen!


1. We gain the courage to live free from other people’s standards of success. This offers greater freedom than any amount of money ever could because it frees us to explore and create what truly lights us up inside.


2.  We discover a surplus of creative passion and ability we never knew existed!


3. Our hearts (which are gigantic magnets) begin to attract people of matching loving vibrations into our lives!


4. We don’t experience illness and dis-ease as frequently, and feel more vital and alive!


5. When we love ourselves enough we begin to treat ourselves with kindness and acceptance, which immediately translates to kindness and acceptance for others.  Yep, ACCEPTANCE! As in no need to destroy others with war, murder, rape, bullying and other hateful acts. 


The following 5 things are part of my spiritual work trade agreement with happiness.


1. Taking responsibility for every action, interaction, person, event, and situation we create in our lives is a tremendous personal power. When we understand that life is not a test, but a an exciting continuous journey we understand that everything we create is an opportunity to learn the depth of who we are, the richness of our being, and how much we are capable of growing and expanding.


2.  Understand it’s not personal and forgive. When we forgive others (and ourselves), we get space back in our hearts for love. Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. At the end of the day, people are doing the best they can with the information they have.


3. Have gratitude for the present moment. Feeling abundance in the present ensures that future moments will be abundant too. Conversely when we feel like it isn’t enough now, it will continue to feel like it’s never enough.  


4. Take note of resistances. These instances can be highly valuable for letting us know where we need to heal. Feeling triggered by something someone else says means there is a matching truth (energized picture) mirroring that resistance somewhere inside of us.


Example: If a friend is stingy with money and that really irritates you, there is something inside you that is also stingy or cheap. It may or may not match exactly with money. It might be with your time or your love, but the motivation behind the stingy behavior will mirror your own feelings of fear that there isn’t enough to go around.


When we make recognition and let go, this picture becomes neutralized inside of us because there isn’t anything inside us with a matching energy vibration that can attach, and then we too feel neutral to the situation. The result is compassion for ourselves and for others.


5. Recognize that perfection is an illusion that doesn’t exist in the natural world, and attempted perfection is the most destructive internal force because it leads us down a very narrow path where we only do things we know we’ll be good at. To get the most happiness out of life we need to ditch perfection in favor of permission.  Be the Beginner and watch your vision of self and your life expand in miraculous ways!



What does your happiness work-trade agreement consist of?









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