Ordinary Magic "Expand Your Vision of Self" Retreat!
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Ocean of Appreciation Ceremony

Modern life is indeed a very fast paced and complex existence. Between creating careers that support the lifestyles we women desire and the fulfillment we crave, staying fit, and balancing family, all the while cultivating meaningful present-time friendships, manifesting a loving partnership, and getting a handle on what it means to be a woman on the planet – it’s easy to lose sight of the very Ordinary Magic that’s abundant on our beautiful planet and living within us.

A week ago, I led an intimate group of openhearted women to Cabo San Lucas for the first Ordinary Magic “Expand Your Vision of Self” Retreat. Under the Mexican sun, we laughed and played, detoxified our minds, strengthened our bodies, and rejuvenated our spirit.

I’m so honored to have shared the company of each of these brave women who authentically and vulnerably revealed that which they are moving through, letting go of, and stepping up to in their lives. I believe with every cell in my body that women genuinely supporting each other is a critical component to actualizing our brightest, bravest, fullest, most meaningful lives.

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Admittedly, in my younger years I wasn’t always the best friend and didn’t always create the healthiest female relationships. I wasn’t doing it intentionally; I was just unconscious. I now know this came from accepting overt and subliminal messages about what it meant to be a woman- mainly that I wasn’t enough just being me. I wasn’t enough as a female.


As women when we believe that we aren’t enough two things happen.

#1:  We feel like there isn’t enough to go around and become competitive with other women.

Beach love

#2:  We try to be (our unique version of) perfect to gain approval and acceptance from others with the erroneous belief that then we will feel like we are enough. Perfection is an illusion that doesn’t exist in the natural world, but attempted perfection is the most destructive internal force to a joyful life, because perfection leads us down an increasingly narrow path where we only participate in things we know we will excel in.

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Warm evenings!

For the first 30 years of my life I unconsciously participated in this paradigm with no understanding that I was imprisoning myself with this desire to be perfect. I’d acquired many of life’s external validations, but when I got real with myself I knew a very important piece of the puzzle was missing.

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Sunset PowWow

Through my intensive work with Spirit Nature, I gained a compendium of life altering information that allowed me to expand my vision of self, inspiring me to write, make music and art- which ended up expanding my vision of self even further.

As I accessed the courage to walk down the path of what truly lights me up inside, I transitioned from a lacking (competitive) mindset to an abundance mindset. And much to my surprise the first thing I wanted to do was help other women find their way out of this repressive paradigm as well. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “There’s another way!”

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A Spirit Nature Equation of Life Reading

Just like every other aspect of the natural world, we are meant to grow. When we don’t we feel stagnate and dull and many times turn to escapist behaviors to feel alive. Conversely when we have the spiritual information, we can continue to expand throughout the entire course of our lives and truly understand the depth of who we are, which is the true richness of the human experience.

With lovely Maya

As we expand, we cultivate inner kindness, gratitude, and a better awareness of our own unique creative genius, which translates to outer kindness and love and compassion for others.

I consider it Ordinary Magic because we all have these very magical lives available to us when we assimilate the information that makes it possible to expand.

I look forward to doing more of these intimate retreats in the future and sharing in the Ordinary Magic of life with more of you!




Thank you so much to the sweet spirits that accompanied me on this delicious adventure!

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Ordinary Magic


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