Is Consciousness a Destination?

When my journey of self-discovery began, I sort of assumed that one day I would arrive at a state of consciousness, and then I would be a peaceful, happy person. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

What I’ve discovered from nearly 7 years of very focused spiritual work is that consciousness is not a destination; it’s the result of living each day with consistent intention. Consistent intention, simply put, allows us to know the best version of ourselves. It allows us to heal and cultivate inner kindness that translates at outer kindness, and when the waters get choppy, we have these practices to lean on; which are not only survival techniques, but also the very foundation that radical growth and self-change sprout from.

Consciousness means making the choice to be mindful of our thoughts, actions and behavior. So even in this fast paced world that doesn’t necessarily reward inner work, I continue to actively make these choices because I’ve found the rewards are immeasurable when it comes to my happiness, creativity and peace of mind.


-I choose to have NO blame or shame for anyone else for the circumstances in my life.


-I choose to use my tool of perspective to find gratitude for the least little things. When I get in a funk, I think of my time spent volunteering in Africa and am reminded that a toilet, running water and a roof are luxuries in many places around the world.


-I choose to take five minutes a day to close my eyes and quiet my mind.


-I choose to respect my body by giving it the yoga and movement it craves and clean food it desires.


-I choose not to take things too seriously, to laugh, and to cruise with the flow of my life and not wade upstream against resistances.


-I choose to speak my truth even when my voice shakes.


-I choose collaboration over competition.


-I choose to create.


-When I want to judge others, I choose to take a minute to look inside myself and see where that very same truth is energized.


-I choose to not take things personally.


-I choose to be present.


-I choose to take risks that are in alignment with my values.


-I choose to live and let live and have compassion.


-I choose to forgive.


-I choose love over fear.


-I choose to give and receive love.


-I choose to let go of that which no longer serves me.


-I choose to live in my heart and not in my mind.


-I choose to be The Beginner in every aspect of my life.


-I choose to trust my path even when the road becomes unclear and uncertain and recognize that the spiritual path isn’t linear.


We are in a life path choice cycle, which means it’s easier for us to make recognition of the choices we’ve made that are causing pain and destruction in our lives. The good news is that in this cycle, what you’ve chosen in the past can be more easily altered by what you choose today.

I always love to hear about recognitions you’re making in the comments section!





*featured image by the talented Mark Lobo 
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