Life's Greatest Revelation

Last night in my dream I met a man with an accent who shared with me his life’s greatest revelation. He said,

“What often appears to be the lightest, brightest, most brilliant thing is actually dark on the inside.” Since we were on the astral plane his words instantly formed into images before my eyes.

When he said “lightest,” a grandiose golden castle appeared in front of me; as he said “brightest,” a bigger, more luminous castle emerged next to it; his word “brilliant” induced an even larger, more dazzling castle just beside the other two with weeping willow like white-golden light with sparkles trailing from the turrets. His words, “dark on the inside” materialized a dark hollow cave.

Then he continued, “…and what appears to be dark, is really the lightest, brightest, most brilliant thing of all.”  With this statement, I watched the opposite sequence stretch out in front of me: dark-> lighter-> brighter-> luminous.

Then I woke up.

I lay in bed wondering what his revelation meant, and kept coming back to the same thing. Real consciousness means not accepting things at face value. It means looking for the truth behind the truth inside ourselves, which makes it possible to see truth in others as well.

We live on a very dense, unconscious planet, but there is a massive awakening happening right now, and if you are reading this, you are an important part of this awakening too.

Looking for the truth behind what is widely accepted as true is not always easy or popular; it takes real courage to face the darkness inside of us. But only when we identify the darkness do we have the ability to heal it, which on an energy level transforms an otherwise dense area, to lightness. This is what it means to be enlightened.

For many years I couldn’t see my brilliance, and that’s not because it wasn’t there. It was just covered over with dense energies as a result of harsh judgments I had about myself. As a result of looking for the truth behind the truth, little by little my perspective of myself changed so the things I looked at changed. I found that inner kindness translates as outer kindness and those who judge others harshly judge themselves even more harshly. Because I once walked in those shoes, it’s easier for me have compassion for those who act rude, insensitive and judgmental, because I know the truth behind the truth: they are in pain.

What is now dark has the possibility for great brilliance. Stay the course; you are so much more then you know.




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