Your Disaster Relief Plan

If you’re above the age of… say of six, then chances are you are well versed in life’s ability to throw a swift curve ball at the worst possible moment. Perhaps you’ve discovered what I have: at times those curve balls oddly resemble cruise missiles. When something blows up in your life and compromises your work, your love, and your beautiful plans, it’s common to want to immediately go into disaster control. And while what I’m about to share may feel counter-intuitive, in many cases, it’s the best thing you can do.


Doing nothing allows you time to process whatever emotions are coming up for you, and get clear on how you feel about your situation. If this means watching 17 episodes of Nashville in a row, eating ice cream for dinner and sobbing yourself to sleep, that’s what it means. Eventually, when you emerge from the wreckage- maybe after a day, maybe a week, or longer, you will need a plan. But often times things aren’t yet clear, and even the best options available seem terrifying or bleak at best.

In times like these, I’ve found the most effective thing to do is remind myself:  I am safe in this moment.

Opposed to the gravity of whatever you may be going through, this mantra may seem ridiculously simple, but I assure you it’s your most powerful ally against fear, because 99.9% of the time it’s true.

Fear can feel very real, paralyze us, debilitate us and rob us of our happiness. To get beyond it, you may need to say this mantra ten, fifty, or one hundred times a day. But the more you say it, the more you will remember that you are actually OK, and things will begin to shift. Recognizing you are safe in the moment allows you to be the eye of the hurricane, and actually ensures your safety and well being for the future. Your vibration today dictates your tomorrows. (if you dig it, tweet it!)








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