Inspiration’s Chief Nemesis: The Glorification of Busy

To point out busy is the new normal is nothing new. Everyone from my retired 70 year old dad to my 2 year old nephew seems to have schedules packed (golf and play albeit for the aforementioned) to the gills. And while being busy does offer a certain level of satisfaction, this contiguous planning and execution of life, ices us out of the very thing that delivers genuine, heart thumping, meaning fulfillment: inspiration.

I always wanted to be a Type A, early rising, list carrying, immaculate car kind of person, but the only lists I ever wrote ended up crumbled in the bottom of my purse, and to this day, I still have to drag myself out of bed at 8am. But just because it didn’t look pretty and I didn’t get the satisfaction of crossing things off a list, didn’t mean I wasn’t manufacturing my own brand busy.

Powered by caffeine, I juggled everything from maintaining my #1 spot at work, to vacations, music festivals, burning man, ski trips, birthday parties, weddings,  bachelorette weekends, and workouts; my life was GO, GO, GO. My suitcase was constantly being packed or unpacked, and I was on a first name basis with the parking attendants at the airport. And while I appreciate the opportunities I’ve created to see the world, meet lots of people, and have lots of high kickin’, high falutin’ experiences, I eventually discovered one of the most valuable insights I may ever discover: a full life doesn’t necessarily correlate to a fulfilling life.

I know how easy it is to get hooked on the adrenaline pumping lifestyle. Sometimes it seems like if we slow down we might lose that edge that makes it all happen. In other cases, these activities feel like the very things that make us come alive.  And while this high octane living seems like the answer, as long as we rely on externals to come alive, we negate our internal wisdom that connects us with our inspired selves.

The reality is there is there are NO COINCIDENCES and there is a reason each and every one of us is here. Uncovering what lights you up inside is the seedling of meaning; shining that light on the world is the path to fulfillment. (if you dig it, tweet it!)

It may seem counterintuitive, as charging through your day, crushing it, gives the illusion of being powerful. But slowing down and connecting to your breath so you can quiet your mind and hear your internal wisdom is one of the most powerful things you can learn to do. Without clearing space in our minds, there are few openings for inspiration to reach us.   

Connecting with your breath and quieting your mind are practices that can be done anywhere. When you begin to cultivate an inspired life, you carry an empowered frequency; you are saying yes, please to life! This vibration infuses all of your creations and you might be surprised to find new people are drawn to you, or deals that have been on the table for months miraculously come through.

Creating space for inspiration is something you can do alongside your day job, your family, and your friends. All it takes is slowing down and connecting to your internal wisdom. I know what you’re thinking, sitting and breathing isn’t as easy as it sounds. And you’re right, but it does get easier and eventually you will look forward it. It’s like turning on the TV to get the news about YOU!


The following 4 steps can help get you started: 


1.  Find a comfortable spot to sit and run a golden chord from the base of your spine to the middle of the earth.

2.   Breathe deeply for 60 seconds; then breathe normally. 

3.  Pop a few balloons in your head. Here you are expanding energy that will create space for you to receive communication and inspiration.

4.  Simply say: I give myself permission to know who I am and what will bring me joy. If nothing comes up, pop a few more balloons.


The key is not to judge any of the thoughts that come up for you. If there is just clutter and noise from your busy life, just keep popping balloons; eventually something you connect deeply will come up. Soon inspiration will come to you on walks, in yoga classes, driving, and even in the most unlikely places!

These days, my life has taken on a much slower pace. I’ve found that accessing my inspiration and taking creative risks offers a level of meaning and fulfillment that I honestly never knew existed before. Like hot coals that give way to brilliant flames, I’ve discovered that my internal wisdom is a constant power for an inspired life.

Remember being the beginner is a superpower that allows you to do and create anything you want. Your life doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s and if you slow down enough to quiet the mind and listen to your heart it won’t.











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