The Power of Perspective

My perspective was forever changed the day I came home to discover an eight week old puppy yelping excitedly in the backyard.

“Surprise,” Jamison said in his slight southern drawl.

I wasn’t exactly what one would call a dog person… but there was something about the way this pup wiggled his rubbery black nose and looked up at me with a pair of eyes so sweet I’m convinced they could stop wars, that made me want to be his mama. IMG_3300


Disco (he came to me in my dream and asked that we call him Disco, but that’s another story) and I quickly became inseparable, and over the past four years I’ve discovered what other “crazy dog people” – as I’m now referred to by more than a couple friends – already know. Dogs are pure ordinary magic. I’d heard about this whole unconditional love thing, and assumed everyone must be referring to how wonderful it is to be unconditionally loved by your dog.


Little did I know that his love for me was just a part of the story; the other part, has been experiencing my own heart expand with my capacity to love unconditionally. I wouldn’t expect amusement to be my first reaction to Disco spreading my lacy underwear all over the yard. Never would I believe a one time germ-a-phobe, would be totally fine with a constant layer of dog hair covering the backseat, or completely cool with sharing a pillow with a someone who sniffs poop, but apparently unconditional love knows no bounds.


A couple years ago we moved and Disco went crazy. He literally got manic and obsessive over, what a cliche, a cat. Time and again I watched Disco’s agitation about what the cat was or wasn’t doing, and eventually I gained a powerful insight. When we see things from a micro level, we’re not doing ourselves any favors.

disco bed


Like most dogs, Disco only exists in the present moment (one of his many charms) and isn’t able to “Google Earth” his life – as a friend of mine likes to say – and see he really has nothing to worry about. But during these catscapades, he has no interest in even his favorite treats and looks like he’s suffering some extreme form of torture.


To exist at a micro level means you’ve lost perspective on the grand scheme of your life, which elicits a reaction instead of a response. Reacting means you lose seniority to that external event/thing/person, which in turn impacts your happiness levels, making it more difficult to manifest what you want. When you pan out a wider view, you gain perspective and understand these things are of little significance in the big picture of our life path journey.


When you gift yourself with perspective, you plant the seeds from which gratitude can grow. (If you dig it, tweet it!) Gratitude is potent protection against depression, overwhelm, FOMOs, and living life as a victim! With perspective you understand that even if things aren’t going how you think they should, it really doesn’t matter. You might even find that things are unfolding in an even better direction.


When I find myself caught in the micro view of life and sweatin’ the small stuff, or if I find myself getting stressed, or nervous about what I’m creating, I Google Earth my life and ask myself, “How will I feel about this when I’m 70 years old?”


How do you gain perspective?

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