Intelligence vs. Wisdom: 11 Insights for a Happier Life

Ever since I was a little girl, the value of intelligence and a good education was instilled in me. My paternal grandfather immigrated from Portugal with nothing more than an 8th grade education and through intelligence and a strong work ethic created enough prosperity to pay for all of his grandchildren’s formal education. My grandmother on my mother’s side earned a Master’s degree in English Literature from Northwestern in the 1920s, before embarking on a 50-year teaching career.

I love hearing stories about people empowering themselves for a better life. And while intelligence and education are undoubtedly valuable assets for a happy reality, I’ve come to understand there is more to the story.

After all, with neither in short supply, our planet continues to chug along in pain, perpetuating war, financial corruption, and devastation of natural resources to the murder of dolphins, rhinos, and tigers, GMOS, poverty, and squandering the potential of women- to name a few. I’ve come to understand that in a society flush with high I.Q.’s, intellect and wisdom don’t necessarily go hand and in hand.

I first became aware of this in my own life. I’d been educated at some of the best schools in the country and (aside from Math) always made good marks, but as I began to navigate through my twenties, I discovered that my “education” didn’t really equip me with what I needed in order to create a thriving, sustainable, healthful, inspiring, harmonious and happy life.

With erroneous information about how the world worked, I felt fearful, competitive, blame-filled, and possibly most alarming, serious. Something deep inside, I now wisdom 2 know as my internal wisdom (something we’re each born with) told me a Master’s degree or improved cognitive function wasn’t the answer. Nope, what I needed was wisdom.

My desire for wisdom connected me with a powerful, spiritual teacher and energy healer who helped me end the war I was raging on myself, and cultivate inner kindness that began to translate as outer kindness, and deep compassion for others.

The following are a few of the insights I’ve gained and continue to put into practice:

 1.    Everything is energy, and with energy – like attracts like.

 2.    Your outside world is a reflection of your inner thoughts.

 3.    You are responsible for every single thing in your life and you, personally, have the power to change any situation. Blaming another (making someone else the problem) keeps you stuck in a victim vibration, making it difficult to create what you truly desire.

 4.     Every relationship is a mirror. Whatever judgments you have about others are reflecting that which exists inside you. Use your resistances as a map to direct you where you need to heal.

 5.    Competition is a consequence of fear, which fuels resistance, blame, rejection, control, and the need to prove it. If you feel any of these ways, you’ve given up your seniority to the very things you’re resisting, blaming, controlling and proving – making it more difficult to feel good about yourself and derive happiness from your creations.

 6.    Feelings of limitation erode enthusiasm, and feelings of lack prevent fulfillment; whereas gratitude generates an empowered vibration attracting more of what you want into your life. Find it – even if it’s for the least, little thing like breathing, eating and being able-bodied.

 7.    The desire to be perfect promotes apathy, relegating you to the sidelines; participation is one of the keys to an inspired, passionate life. Be the beginner and jump in.

 8.   Life is not a test. Contrary to Charlie’s Sheen’s astuteness, there is no #winning. Life is a process, an evolution, a journey that started lifetimes ago and will continue beyond this one. And, there is NO SUCH THING as a mistake (#losing) as every single person, event, and experience is an opportunity for you to get closer to understanding who you are, which is the reason you have taken a human form!

 9.   Whatever you believe you can create, you can create.   

10.  Real joy only exists in the present moment. If you are anxious or fearful, you are in the future. If you are resentful or sad, you are stuck in the past.

 11.  The idea that you can change anyone else is an illusion. However changing yourself is immensely powerful. In doing this, you are a rock in the pond. Your vibration impacts those closest to you and those in the far corners of the earth. Every time you shift your vibration into one of greater permission and affinity for yourself, you are creating a ripple effect across the planet.  








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