5 Surefire Steps to Change Your Life!

It’s often said, change is hard and people don’t change. I’ve discovered people do change when they are willing, and change isn’t hard when you have the information on how to do it. The ways in which our lives play out are simply manifestations of what’s going on the inside. Change the inside and watch your life unfold in an entirely new direction.


1. Set an intention.

Whether it’s a complete life overhaul, or you want to break through creatively (which actually is a complete life overhaul) declaring you are ready for a change is signaling to your inner wisdom that you’re ready for answers. Don’t ignore it! It’s the most important voice you’ll ever listen to. It’s literally trying to communicate to you what your purpose is this lifetime. My inner wisdom was trying to tell me that writing would bring me great joy. For years, I silenced it with a shot of tequila, a side of boyfriend issues and a dizzying display of friendship drama. Yikes!

Simply by setting an intention that you are ready to change will set the process in motion. You can tell a friend, write it down or create an affirmation you repeat in mediation and through your day.

ie: “I am changing and growing into my most joyful, abundant, creative, conscious self.”


2.  Get real.

It may be obvious to you things aren’t going how you’d hoped, but what needs to change or how isn’t so obvious. Here’s where you get really real with yourself. Go to where you feel resistances; go where you find yourself needing to prove it, or where you need to control. Become aware of why you feel compelled to tell a half-truth. This will be your compass directing you to where you need to heal. As you illuminate the truth behind the truth, you de-energize that which is instigating these destructive behaviors inside of you.


3. Find a trusted source, mentor, teacher to guide you.

Since your outside life is merely a manifestation of your inner thoughts and beliefs, if you want to change your life you must change the information responsible for your story is still unfoldingthese thoughts and beliefs. There’s an abundance or information about how to change your life and create happiness and sometimes it’s difficult to discern where to turn and whose wisdom to follow. A trusted source is not limited to someone with a PR team and alphabetic soup after his/her name; to me trusted source is someone whose life is a reflection of what you want to create in your life. In other words, your teacher must have what you want.

As I charted my own path to change I was confronted with doubt over some of the information my spiritual teacher was communicating to me. I wanted to reject it because it sounded crazy in comparison the programming on the planet that I’d been raised to believe was true. But I recognized my teacher is hands down the happiest, most playful, humble, compassionate, generous, healthy, joyful and passionately creative person I’d ever met. Simply put, I wanted what he had, which meant his information became very valuable to me in my desire to evolve into the happiest, most playful, humble, compassionate, generous, healthy, joyful and passionately creative person I can be.  


4. Take Responsibility.

Approaching every situation – even the unpleasant, the challenging, the horrifying – with the understanding that you created it, may seem disturbing at first, but I promise this is one of your greatest powers. When you believe things “happen to you” you vibrate in a victim (poor me) vibration that does not serve you.

“It’s her fault, the weather sucks, my boyfriend screwed me over,” are all victim nature thoughts that it will behave like a magnet drawing more victim nature people and events your way.

In contrast, by taking responsibility and asking yourself, “why did I create this?” you are in acceptance of the present moment (as an opportunity for greater insight into you), which carries a gratitude vibration, drawing that which you want to create into your life. Making recognition that every single creation is an opportunity for growth, and ultimately greater happiness, will dramatically accelerate your change.


5. Let Go.

There will be family and friends who don’t support your change. It’s not because they don’t love you; it’s just because seeing you change means they have to look at their own lives (which they may not be ready to do). Send them kind thoughts, be grateful for the good times and let go. This makes room for people of a more present time alignment to enter your life.



Change is one of the few constants of life. You can resist it, ignore it, or recognize you have the power to change into the person you want to be.  It’s not too late, it’s not too hard. You have the first 5 steps to get you started on your journey to growing into your most joyful, abundant, creative, vital, conscious self right now!


What do you see as your biggest obstacle to change?






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