Brooke Peterson

Sitting down for dinner at a table for twenty, the words, “There’s something magical that happens when one woman empowers another woman,” caught my ear.  I twisted around to find that the source of such wisdom was a young woman that looked like she just stepped off the set of a photo shoot.

I soon discovered that this wise, young beauty was none other than Brooke Peterson: fun-loving lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, DIY maven, chef, branding mastermind, mother and -I quickly learned- innate comedienne. She was mid-way through the story about how she came to connect with Pamela Pimento, the creative director of her firm, Experience Architecture, which develops highly tailored, one of a kind, couture experiences, projects and gifts. In the midst of mommy meltdown at a Rite Aid check-out counter, Pamela extended a supportive hand and Brooke extended a Pamela a job offer- as an assistant. Then watched as Pamela blossomed into the savvy businesswoman she is today.

This modern day Martha Stewart (OK, with a heaping spoonful of Lucille Ball) knows that the gift is in the giving. Forgoing competition in favor of empowering other women has not only helped launch the careers of many of her friends and associates, but it has helped Brooke shoot to success as well, being named by various newspapers and media outlets as “one to watch”.

With features on Yahoo!, Showtime, V.I.P. Access, The T.V. Guide Channel, The Style Network, Wall Street Journal, The Rachael Ray Show, CW’s Career Day, Martha Stewart Radio, Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer, two seasons on The Food Network’s “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, and her hit show Rock What You Got on Style Haul, she’s gained national recognition. But Brooke is disarmingly humble and quick to give credit to the talented and clever women she surrounds herself with, for her many triumphs, insisting that it takes a village.

Ever since our culture has embraced multiple choice and standardized tests as a way of education, we’ve been conditioned to value the right answer.

But what about the right questions?  After all, answers are finite; questions are infinite.

Ms. Brookie P. not only believes in the power of questions, but admits that it’s the right mélange of questions that gives her entre into the souls of her clients, allowing her to deliver that unforgettable, once in a lifetime moment.

Brooke Peterson is a dynamic woman who has skillfully architected her dream career imagining, designing and sharing her unique, creative genius by being her authentic self. She is fiercely challenging the status quo by shining her light on women around her, while providing comic relief wherever she goes. Now that’s WOW!

Name: Brooke Peterson

Age: 32

Occupation: Still not sure….

Hometown: Miami, FL

Current city of residence: Los Angeles


Ordinary Magic: If you were at a cocktail party and were asked to explain what you do in three sentences or less, what would you say?
BP: I am the founder and CEO of Experience Architecture, a creative consulting firm and a partner at BandB media productions. That’s grown up talk for I get paid to be creative.

Ordinary Magic: What inspired you to head in that direction?
BP: The women around me..My mother was a designer and had more ‘cool’ in her pinkie than most ‘it’ girls have on their best day, my grandmother was a chef and the definition of glamour…think Sofia Loren with an apron, all my girlfriends are ‘artists in hiding’, and every woman I have ever met inspires me.

Ordinary Magic: What is your accomplishment that you are most proud of to date?
BP: It’s not ‘an accomplishment’ but somehow I got lucky enough to have a daughter. The accomplishment part comes everyday because I do things that I would never be able to accomplish were it not for how much I love her. For me my daughter has been like friendship set on fire…all the things I want to be as a friend…loyal, safe, selfless, etc.…and then you add teacher. It inspires me to try to be a better human being everyday, which is now how I think about accomplishment. I have always been a bit of a praise junkie so this has been a real game changer for me…understanding that accomplishment is a process of working towards being better everyday rather than ticking boxes to get a round of applause…. I mean I still really like the applause but I try not to let it drive my choices. Most of the time. I just clap for myself. What can I say…it’s a work in progress!

Ordinary Magic: What has the biggest turning point been in your life so far?
BP: The day my mother passed away…and the day I realized my ‘girlfriends’ were now my sisters/ family. I have a family…it just looks like a sorority house!

Ordinary Magic: What is your greatest passion?
BP: Showing people how much they are ‘seen’. That is what I try to do for every client I take on…I find out who they are by the people around them and then try to make whatever I’m doing feel like a mirror that reflects back to them how special they are… In life I am passionate about women…I believe that I am woman above all else and I want my life and passion projects to reflect back my faith and love in the sisterhood.

Ordinary Magic: What words of wisdom would you give your twenty-year old self?
BP: Oh Brooke…
1. Success and bravery are not always bedfellows. Choose bravery and redefine success.
2. You are enough. You are right where you should be right now.
3. Be vulnerable…keep your eyes open, don’t let the night become the day, and stop pretending that tough is strong…you are strong enough to be weak.
Oh god, I just heard 20-year-old Brooke call me a touchy feely hippie!

Ordinary Magic:What was the last book you read?

Rachael Ray, Brooke Peterson and Bobby Flay are seen in a photo from the production of “The Rachael Ray Show” in New York City on March 22, 2012.

BP: I like to read a million things at once…right now I am reading Mindy Kalings ‘Is everyone hanging out with out me?’ ‘Einstein’ by the same dude who wrote the Steve Jobs bio, ‘Sex Drugs, and Coco Puffs’ by Chuck Clostermen, and ‘The Big Short’ by Michael Lewis.

Ordinary Magic: What is your personal philosophy?
BP: 1. Fun is not a choice or a lifestyle…it’s the way people are born…and born again. A costume, fake microphone, and random object for jokes will make you new again…in the faith of FUN.

2. You may be smarter, luckier, prettier, faster, more talented, stronger, or any other ‘er’ but that doesn’t make you better than anyone else.
3. When someone you know loves you tells you need to work on something not only do you have to work on it but remember this…as hard as it was for you to hear… it was harder for them to say.
4. Always make a big deal of the things that are good. Go out of your way to tell a friend when someone says something nice about them, be the first to tell someone all the things that are beautiful about them, every time a person does a job 1% above average you make it your mission in life to tell them, their boss, and everyone or anyone you can find.
5. No one is keeping score except you…sometimes it’s worth thinking about your point system.
6. It’s all a party once you start celebrating

Ordinary Magic: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
BP: When people tell you who they are listen; sometimes we put up walls not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to knock them down; COLLECT MOMENTS NOT THINGS

Ordinary Magic: If you could be anywhere in the world right now doing anything, what would it be?
BP: I would be in my bed with my daughter and my ten best girlfriends in matching flannel pj’s having a sing-along…led by Margret Cho for laughs, Florence and the Machine for musical direction, and Rachel Ray for snacks and cocktails.

Ordinary Magic: What do you have gratitude for in this moment?
BP:  I have been blessed with so much more than I can ever give back…but I am still going to try.

Ordinary Magic: Do you have a Life Motto?
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!
I can forgive anything except for loyalty. One is a mistake and the other is a character issue.

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